Poker Cognac – Royal Straight Flush XO

Poque was the national card game of France in the early 18th century, and had a great influence on the Poker game as we know it today. The French-Canadian colonials imported poque to Canada, and later they brought the game to New Orleans. From there the game sailed up Mississippi with the steamboats and evolved into Poker.

Poker Cognac – Royal Straight Flush XO is dedicated to the evolution of poker, the myths, stories and excitement, and is a blend that mirrors the nuances in this fascinating game. Both poker and cognac have long traditions through centuries. Royal Straight Flush XO is an image of this – intense, strong and thrilling as the game itself, with a rounded, warm and winning finish.

Poker Cognac – Royal Straight Flush XO is bringing together the excitement of poker and the finest cognac – an unbeatable combination.

Color: Golden brown and clean colour.
Nose: Aromas of apricots and exotic fruits.
Taste: Potent taste with lots of fruits, especially sweet fruits.
Mix: Fins Bois, Borderies and Grande Champagne
Age: Approx. 17 years

Poker Cognac is a great blend from the best Cognac districts in accordance with the French traditions, and will be the perfect partner for your poker games.